Step 2. Apply online and submit documents

How to apply for OSAP aid for the fall/winter session

1. Complete and submit the online OSAP application. Identify York University as your university. OSAP funds cannot be transferred from one school to another.

2. Print off the signature forms as required and make sure that all signatures are included on the forms. If even one signature is missing, the impacted form will not be processed and your assessment and aid will be delayed. . . . continue reading »
How to apply for OSAP aid for the summer session
Note: Students in the York/Sheridan joint program in design must apply for OSAP through the Financial Aid Office at Sheridan College. . . . continue reading »
How to upload your OSAP Supporting Documents
We strongly recommend you scan and upload your OSAP signature pages and supporting document through your online OSAP account. This way you can reduce your application processing time and have access to view your uploaded documents and the status of your submission online. . . . continue reading »
OSAP application processing times
Depending on the time of the year, the processing of your application may take six to eight weeks. Check the status of your file by logging into the government OSAP website. The first instalment of fall/winter OSAP funding should be available in early September . . . continue reading »
Applying for OSAP aid after classes start
We recommend applying for OSAP aid as soon as possible, but you can still apply for OSAP after starting your classes. The application deadlines depend on the session. . . . continue reading »
Reporting scholarships, awards and bursaries to OSAP
Undergraduate students — All funding (scholarships, bursaries and awards, etc.) received by the University will be reported to OSAP and may have an impact on your OSAP entitlement. . . . continue reading »
Directing OSAP funds to York University
When you apply for OSAP, you can choose to automatically direct a portion of your OSAP funds to York University to be used towards your outstanding debt. This option provides a convenient method of making payments to your student account and minimizing interest charges on overdue amounts. . . . continue reading »